Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is also known as Aloe Vulgaris Lam or Aloe Barbadensis Miller. These miracle herbal plants are mainly found in northern Africa. The plants are short-stemmed or stem less that usually grow up to the height of 80 to 100 cm and spread for balancing and roots sprout. The plants contain excellent therapeutic properties and nutritional elements. Aloe Barbadensis Miller is one of the most popularly known specie of Aloe Vera and is widely grown all over the world. Aloe Vera gel is derived from the inner portions of the Aloe Vera leaves. Aloe Vera gel is widely being used for various medicinal uses, nutrition and maintaining good health. The gel is available in the liquid form and cures most of diseases including HIV infections. This gel is also supposed to be one of the most known nutritional supplements for the sports persons.

This gel is also believed to strengthen the body's immune system. Aloe Vera Gel in the drinking for is widely available in the standard packing of 0.50 liter and 1.00 liter plastic bottles. This gel is widely used by majority of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries all over the world. Aloe Vera gel is supposed to have several ingredients such as: Carbomer, Witch Hazel Distillate, and Sodium benzoate, Aloe Barbadensis Gel, Sorbitol, Propyl Paraben and Allantoin. Also some facts about the Aloe Vera Gel is worth evaluating such as:

  • The gel is considered to be anti-pyretic because it diminishes heat
  • Majority of the people ingest aloe vera gel in the liquid form
  • It is said to enhance tissue functions from cellular levels and also rejuvenates good tissues
  • Aloe vera gel is anti-puritic since it soothes itching conditions
  • The gel is considered to be effective treating to diminish scarring
  • The gel is most powerful for treating sun burns, healing of first and second degree burns to some extent
  • The gel is widely applied on the scrapes, cuts, minor injuries or wounds as well as some types of skin irritations  
  • This gel decreases inflammation and pains and also improves the healing process
  • Aloe vera gel also has the vital properties such as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral
  • This gel also contains certain essential properties and ingredients that are effective for decreasing swelling condition, itching as well as improving the blood flow to the injured area
  • The gel is supposed to act as the natural cleanser because of saponin contents and it could also be applied on hair
  • Aloe vera gel also acts as the anesthetic and helps relieving joint and muscular pains in some typical cases.

Some other facts of Aloe Vera gel are also worth considering include:

  • After-bath lotion – Aloe Vera gel could be added to 4 or 5 drops of glycerin or lemon juice for applying on the body. This preparation helps the body to feel refreshing and recharged.
  • After-wax relief – this gel when applied on the skin areas where waxing has been done, it greatly helps in healing, soothing, moisturizing and cooling the surface.
  • As shampoo & conditioner – Aloe Vera gel when mixed to any shampoo and if applied on the hair, it remarkably helps preventing the hair loss and also provides shine and softness to the hair.

In short Aloe Vera gels are used for numerous purposes all over the world now.

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