Aloe Vera Plants

The juicy plant Aloe Vera is supposed to have originated from Africa and is widely used in folk remedies. However, Aloe Vera is now found almost all over the world as one of the popular garden plants particularly in dry areas where gardens are developed according to the climate. Aloe Vera plants are now found in various countries and have been commonly accepted as folk medicines. This plant can also be grown as an indoor plant but may need re-potting as it grows very large. Like any other juicy plant, Aloe Vera too can hold great quantum of water. This property helps the plant maintain its survival especially in the draught prone areas. The wild kinds of Aloe Vera plants are usually found especially in the areas where there is remarkable variations in the day and night temperatures. The Aloe Vera easily absorbs the dew drops storing it in its large fleshy leaves for its survival. The Aloe Vera leaves contain translucent jelly like liquids which is used as the base to form the most popular folk medicine called the Aloe Vera juice.   

Aloe Vera gel could also be used directly instead of converting it into the juice. The gel is widely used instantly on various minor injuries or burns as it is considered to be soothing and the pain reliever. The gel is also known for its anti-bacterial properties. Though scientific studies regarding the affects of Aloe Vera on human body are yet incomplete, hence it is therefore recommended that the internal use of Aloe Vera should either be avoided or should be done with proper precautions. It is better to consult the professional medical practitioner before us. However, oral use of Aloe Vera for treating the patients having heartburns, ulcers, biventricular disorders or typical digestive problems is common nowadays. It is also noticed that Aloe Vera has provided relief due to its anti-bacterial properties as experienced by many patients. However, before trying any Aloe Vera products, it is rather advisable to consult the doctor prior to its use for safety reasons.

Aloe Vera juice is one of the most commonly used active ingredients in almost every commercially available Aloe Vera based remedial preparations. However, the products having low-quality Aloe Vera may not be containing pure form of Aloe Vera juice. Some typical factor called the Aloe Vera latex located in the specific cells known as pericyclic tubules found along the inner skin of the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant has proved to be the most powerful laxative also. However, appropriate processing system is highly essential for assuring that no latex slips into the Aloe Vera juice. If the patient reports of excessive laxative while using any Aloe Vera containing medication, he should immediately stop taking and find out for the better or reputed products in the market for better and assured results. Aloe Vera should never be used by the patients already taking corticosteroids as it may badly interact with the medication. The drugs like Beclomethasone, Prednisone and Methyl Prednisolone for instance are kind of the oral corticosteroids medications. The combination may lead to deficiency of Potassium and poisoning.

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