Yellow Nail Syndrome

Yellow nail syndrome is an uncommon type of disorder that manly starts accomplishing in the Middle Ages. This is a type of disease in which the shape of the nail changes. It is a disease which is mainly associated with the damage or blockage in lymph flow. It can also be related with recurring pleural effusion (which means collection of fluid in the space surrounding area of the lungs). This disease is commonly observed or found in overweight or diabetic patients. It is more often than not accompanied by lymphoedema. In this type of disease the nails generally becomes or are observed as yellow-greenish in color. It is a very rare disease and people don’t know about it until and unless they themselves or their relatives or friends suffer from this disease.


It basically is swelling of a part or parts of a body which may happen due to improper functioning of the lymphatic system, which is on the whole a part of the vascular system and immune system. Lymphoedema occurs when surplus fluid from injured (due to ankle sprain or burns) blood vessel enters into the lymph system. As the spoiled tissues heal, it produces a momentary swelling, blood vessels no longer reveal terribly and the lymphatic system can keep up with the usual flow of lymph. There are more chances of limb becoming swollen and there is an increased risk of infection. There is also no such treatment to this disease as walking for the patient becomes more and more complex. The main purpose of treatment for this disease is to reduce swelling and minimize it to the least. It is very much important to treat this disease in early stages to avoid any further complications. For patients who have mild or moderate swelling, they can be cure by simple massage techniques which helps to shift the swelling from the affected area. By compression bandaging at the affected area can also help in reducing it. It is different from the disease called Lipoedema.


Lipoedema is a symbol of large amount of fat deposition in the lower part of the body mainly in legs and which results in oversized legs which are well out of proportion as compared to the body size. This disease is mainly seen in women. This disease can be cured with the help of dieting and regular exercise.

Cause of Yellow nail syndrome

The cause of this disease is still unknown but it is believed that this may be due to excess fat in the body due to which the lymphatic system does not work properly.

Treatment Available

It can be cured by applying ZetaClear. But there are certain steps of precautions that we must observe such as wearing a good quality of shoes which must not touch your thumb. Apply cream or oil on the feet to keep the nail moisturized. Always try to wear clean socks.

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