Aloe Vera For Skin Care and Acne

Aloe Vera is a plant with a magic history. Ancient Egyptians called it the immortality plant and they used to put it among funerary gifts buried together with the pharaohs, in order to assure even after their death, their spirit’s health.

Hundreds of years ago, Africans used to hang the plant above the door, in order to chase evil spirits. Famous doctors of ancient times and outstanding historic personalities were fascinated by the curative power of the plant.

The first mention about this miraculous plant was found inscribed in stone on a plate discovered in an Egyptian tomb 3,500 years old.

Botanical characteristics of Aloe Vera

The plant has plump leaves, lance like which grow directly from the soil, having the edges like a saw ones. In the middle it has a stalk which ends in yellow – reddish cylindrical flowers.

The plant grown has a height of 75-120 cm, its leaves width is12-15 and they are plump, and a leaf weight is between 700-1500 grams. The leaves growth depends on the quality of the soil and weather conditions. The plant reaches maturity after 3 4 years and then it can be picked.

Aloe Vera plant grows naturally in North Africa, East and South, in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, the Red sea, India, China, the Indian Ocean islands and in many other parts of the world.

Aloe Vera has immune stimulator effect – therefore it contributes to the regeneration and strengthening of the immune system. As far as skin care is concerned, after solar exposure, even applied in 24 hours, it has comforting effects, protecting somehow against skin cancer. Furthermore if you suffer from acne, you can use Aloe Vera gel and in three months time your face will look wonderful.

As it is very rich in nutritive and curative substances, Aloe Vera is used in the cosmetic industry, in order to prepare creams, funginix nail fungus treatment, lotions and specific treatments, able to solve skin care problems.

Aloe Vera gel, applied locally every day, cleans refreshes and regenerates skin, supplying the vitamins content, necessary and stimulating a good sanguine irrigation, thus guaranteeing a better oxygenation and a more rapid toxins expulsion from the skin. It is clean, hydrated and it becomes more elastic.

You can use a mask made of a teaspoon full of Aloe Vera pure juice, a teaspoon of honey, an egg yolk, a teaspoon castor oil, a teaspoon lemon juice and one of black currants. You can add a little oat, in order to get the mixture more homogenous. You can ally the mask on your clean face and let it for 15 minutes. Then you have to rinse with warm water and then with cold water. This remedy is an optimal bio stimulator for the skin, which cleans and nourishes until the deepest layers.

As far as acne is concerned, we can remind you that the Aloe Vera gel combined with green tea extract is very useful to clean your face before applying a cream based on Aloe Vera, too. You can use makeup because this cream is transparent so you can apply foundation over it, but it is a little bitter because of the zinc content, in case somebody wants to kiss you.

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