Bovine Colostrum

SCIENTIFIC NAME(S): Bovine colostrum

COMMON NAME(S): Cow milk colostrum

Bovine colostrum is derived from cows. Colostrum is a rich source of antibodies, growth factors and nutrients for the suckling neonate and may provide passive immunity to the newborn against various infectious microorganisms, particularly those that affect the gastrointestinal tract.

Botany :- Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid produced from mammary glands during the first 2 to 4 days after birth. It is a rich natural source of nutrients, antibodies, and growth factors for the newborn.

Uses of Bovine Colostrum

Bovine colostrum has been used to treat diarrhea, to improve GI health, to boost the immune system. It has been claimed that bovine colostrum can help fight certain infections . However, the research studies used to support that claim used colostrum derived from cows immunized in a way that caused them to produce unusually large amounts of a specific antibody in their colostrum.

Bovine colostrum contains bovine versions of many human growth factors, including insulin-like growth factor, transforming growth factor, epithelial growth factor, and even growth hormone, that are capable of stimulating muscle growth.

Side Effects of Bovine Colostrum

Bovine colostrum appears to be safe and effective.


Bovine colostrum is available in several forms, including tablets, powders, bars and liquid solutions. Dosage is variable. Hyperimmune bovine colostrum used for AIDS-associated diarrhea usually caused by Cryptosporidium parvum is dosed at 10 grams four times daily for 21 days. This must only be taken under medical supervision.

  • A few symptoms, including mild nausea and flatulence, were seen in certain trials, but most have reported bovine colostrum to be well tolerated.
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid bovine colostrum supplements.

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