Herbs And Pregnancy

Nearly all women would have the same opinion that during pregnancy drugs should better be avoided. A lot of counter top remedies, in particular laxatives, acne medicines, and antihistamines, have been believed to cause defects during birth in humans or animals. Antibiotics might cause abnormalities in the fetus and drugs containing sulfur can be the reason of neo-natal jaundice. Painkillers and tranquilizers can cause defects during birth and harm the fetus. Problems of the muscle can be caused in the baby and the mother may suffer from edema due to consumption of antacids. Additionally, they might mess up the calcium metabolism of a woman.

It is a well known fact that the drug like functioning of coffee, tobacco and alcohol should best be avoided both prior to conception, for the period of pregnancy and whist lactating. Other than supplements and drugs, a lot of common herbal medications, including flax seed and golden seal, are best to be avoided for the period of gestation.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of safe, simple herbal and home remedies to be had to relieve the pregnancy discomforts. The medications of old wives or wise women have carried on for years, passed on from one woman to another. These aren’t meant to be strict protocols that have been formulated to work for the maximum number of women. Instead, they are a fraction of the always-changing wise methods of women, supposed to be used for a unique person in ever-changing and unique ways. Even though they haven't been put through blind studies, they aren't dumb customs and superstitions; instead they are results of thousands of cautious observations done over a period of generations. These medications are the contributions of our great grandmothers.

Women who are wise believe that maximum of the pregnancy related problems can be avoided by focusing on nutrition. Mood swings and morning sickness is associated with low blood sugar; rigorous labor pains and backaches frequently develop from inadequate supply of calcium; and hemorrhoids, varicose veins, constipation, anemia and skin discolorations are also associated with lack of particular nutrients.

Excellent nourishment for women who are pregnant consists of not just fundamental foodstuffs and nutritious herbal preparations, but also air and pure water, plentiful light, respectful and loving relationships, harmony and beauty in every day life, and blissful thoughts.

All nourishments are required in great quantity during pregnancy since the gestating woman builds 2 pounds extra of the uterine muscle; the bones, nerves, muscles, organs, skin and glands of baby; the placenta; more than a few pounds of the amniotic fluid; and a lot of volume of blood. In addition, liver cells and extra kidney are formed to dispose the wastage of two people in place of one.

Foods that are grown organically and wild are the finest source of minerals, vitamins and several nutrients required during pregnancy. It would be better for the pregnant woman to go out and collect herbs – bending, stretching, moving, breathing, talking to the plants and opening herself to the spiritual world.

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